My Tattoos. Part 1

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

I don't know if you would have noticed in pictures, but I have a few tattoos dotted about me. You may see my small wrist ones on Instagram or selfies, but you may not know that actually some of my body is absolutely covered and that they are mostly hidden depending on what I am wearing that day. Because I have about 15 seperate tattoos, and a real want for loads more, I thought I would divulge to you exactly what they are, where they are, and why I decided to get them

Photography TattooThis one should be pretty obvious as to what it is and why I got it. This was actually drawn up by one of the artists (Aarone) of my regular tattoo place as part of his flash sheet. As soon as I saw it on his Instagram I knew I just had to have it. I got it tattooed onto my torso, so it is basically central on my torso and takes up this huge part of my stomach area
This is one of my favourite pieces that I have, mainly because it represents who I am as a photographer, as well as the fact I am a photographer and love cameras and photography. I photograph models, so it makes sense to have a woman and a camera inked onto me!

Constellation Tattoo
I got this tattoo done in Long Island, NYC by an amazing artist named Gina. Her work is stunning and she is a beautiful person. Before I got to New York we talked about my plan and my idea, and she had a few ideas sketched up for when I actually got to her shop in NYC. This was one of the designs she had drawn up and I fell in love with instantly. I had it tattooed onto the back of my arm, above the elbow. The main part of this tattoo for me is the Big Dipper constellation. The Big Dipper is the constellation that guides you to the North star. I got the idea from an Enter Shikari song (aptly named Constellations) where a line goes "You are the constellations, that guide me". That line resonated with me in that song ever since I lost my Grandad in 2015. He was always looking out for me and trying to guide me in life. He would always write things in cards such as "this is your year, I can feel it" "You work so hard for what you want to achieve". He has inspired me to slay each day and I want to believe he is still out there guiding me still until the day I go and join him. Gina did such an amazing job bringing my idea to life and I am proud to wear this on my skin!

Wave tattooThese two I got together on the same day. There is a bunch of waves on the wrist of my right arm, and an arrow on my left arm
The arrow is to remind me to always look forward and never look back. An arrow can only be shot forwards, but at first it needs to be pulled backwards. So when I feel like the past and life is creeping up on me and wanting to drag me down, I know to look forward and only forwards as that is what matters and that is what I am aiming for
The waves are to signify my battle with depression. I had the worst year in 2015 and I have come out of it and I have survived the waves that life hurled at me. I didn't drown and I stayed afloat amongst the turbulent times. This is to remind me to always stay afloat as calmer waters will always come around

Moon Tattoo
This one, as you can tell, is on my left wrist. Believe it or not, this was the first tattoo I got in a highly visible place! Everything else up until this one could be hidden away by clothing

I got this tattoo because I am into Wicca/Witches/White Witches, whatever you want to call it. All those "Witches Bibles" you see in Urban Outfitters? Yeah, that's what I am into. It is heavily influenced by the moon. So having a moon on me seemed the perfect thing to do. A lot of people get that typical phases of the moon tattoo, which I think is adorable, but there is nowhere I wanted it on my body so a smaller crescent moon was the option to go for! I got a crescent moon because that way you know and understand the symbol of the moon, rather than having like a blacked out circle or something and people always wondering why you have a circle on you. My waves tattoo is on the opposite wrist which I think is perfect as the moon also influences the waves

Wolf lady tattoo
This was another piece that had been drawn up by an artist (Lewis) at my local tattoo place. It had been drawn up for a customer, but the customer didn't like it and wanted it changed. Lewis still wanted to tattoo this piece so was offering it up to anyone keen. I had actually been wanting a wolf inked onto me and this seemed like a beautiful variation of that, plus it was just begging to be put onto my thigh for sure! I had been saving that thigh for something in a cameo style frame, so it was clearly fate that this was meant for me
I wanted a wolf initially to symbolise that I could work in a 'pack', but also that I could be a 'lone wolf' and live life by myself and graft hard to where I want to be and get to in life. I have achieved everything thus far in my life by myself, but sometimes with the help of others and that is where the wolf mentality comes in. I can be a wolf by myself, or I can be a wolf that has an amazing wolf pack for support

That is 6 down and only another 8/9/however many more to go! Keep on the lookout for Part 2

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  1. Great read Kaye! Interesting stories to them x


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