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Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Today is 2 days after Easter. You would think I am sick of the sight of chocolate by now but in honesty, I never could be. Chocolate is something that is perfect for really any occasion. As an easter gift of course, but also as a birthday gift, an apology gift, a dinner party gift, an after dinner party favour, as a little TREAT YO SELF GUUURRRLLL. The possibilities are endless

Yeah you can treat your self to some discounted easter eggs right about now, but why not really treat yourself and opt for Elizabeth Shaw's offering? I have always thought Elizabeth Shaw chocolate exudes luxury and at the end of the day, you are worth it

In my personal life at the moment I am still very much riding that "recent break up" wave, so why not treat myself in any way I enjoy?!
I enjoy the finer things in life, and so say my Chanel and Mulberry handbags, so whilst I adorn my outer body with finery, why not feed my body some finery and luxury also?
Let me tell you one thing though, I don't need a man in order for me to enjoy some chocolate. And if chocolate makes you happy absolutely go for it. We only live once!

The Elizabeth Shaw cappucino bites are what I head for when I really crave a Starbucks but also don't really want to leave the bed and head to my nearest Starbs for some chocolatey frappucino. This chocolate I can keep in a cupboard for a rainy day, I can't really do that for Starbs frappucinos
Also, if you never had Elizabeth Shaw's mint crisps on your dining room table after Christmas dinner who even are you?! My family used to have another brand of after dinner mints on the table AND these ones. The mint crips were always rushed for first. I think the added texture of something crisp just really sets it apart as well as refreshes the palette with a minty vibe right after a heavy roast dinner. This is why I think Elizabeth Shaw is perfect as a dinner party gift! Whether you are hosting one and want an after dinner treat, or need to take something to a dinner party as a gift but don't want to be too obvious with wine. Don't get wine! Be different and get some luxe chocolate for your friend/dinner party host. Wrap it up a bit nicely and it looks like absolute perfection

Of course the obvious choice for chocolate also is to gift it for Easter. Yes Easter eggs are the norm, but have you ever considered gifting someone a hamper of different chocolates suited to their tastes? It shows a little bit more thought and care and it is something my mum has often done. We get one Easter egg, but then we get jars and hampers of other chocolatey treats whether they be Easter related or not and this I find the cutest. It shows her thoughts and her care as she tends to tailor it to mine and my 2 other sisters tastes. I would end up with these Cappuccino flutes whereas my youngest sister would end up with Elizabeth Shaw's Amaretto flutes, and the middle sister would no doubt have mint flutes within her hamper (which FYI are on discount in Tescos supermarkets until the 12th of May! You can save £1, every little helps). There's an array of choice for everybody's tastes and they are all gluten free also

New tagline: Not just for Easter, chocolate for life
When do you think the perfect occasion for chocolate is?
PR samples were given to me in exchange for this post

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