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Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Have you ever wanted restaurant quality food but not wanted to actually leave your house? Like, you have your full on no bra and sweatpants vibe going on but you just don't want to cook anything good?
This is exactly where EatFirst is going to fit right into your life
(only available in London currently which is a bit of a shame. I do hope they expand)

EatFirst have also recently just launched a new menu in association with KraPow London, a thai street food available right here in London. Thai up your dinner and I am going to explain exactly how. I was lucky enough to be invited to their launch party and let me tell you, this menu has made me want to move right into London just so I can get this every damn day

This isn't the first time I would have mentioned Eat First on my blog. I also mentioned it for Valentines Day to surprise your bae as it is the perfect way to get restaurant quality food within your own home! It is an app/website where you can order some food or a menu, get it delivered to your house within a time slot you choose, and then all you do is re-heat it up in the microwave or oven et voila! Restaurant quality food prepared by EatFirst chefs but now in the comfort of your sofa, own dining table, bed

They have now launched a new Thai Up menu with street food vendors Kra Pow London. This will be available for 6 months. I was lucky enough to be invited to the launch party to have some Thai beer and experience each of these Thai dishes available and ohmygoodness you will want this in and around your mouth!
My favourite was the Gai Yang BBQ Chicken which is pictured above and below. This is chicken thigh marinated overnight in coriander root, lemongrass and garlic. Chargrilled, and yes it was cooked right in front of us during the launch party, and served with brown jasmine rice as well as a mint cucumber salad. Obviously the dishes you receive would be a much larger portion than the ones I was wolfing down!

There is also Laab Gai on the menu which is a famous Thai classic full of protein and nutrients and is minced chicken served cold with mint, herbs, shallots, toasted rice powder, dried chilli, lime juice, fish sauce and then served within lettuce leaves. Obviously the chicken is cooked haha! So don't panic there. This was so pleasant and an amazing array of flavours on the palette as you get a little bit of spice and a zing of citrus. Totally worth trying

The signature dish is also a must. This is of course called the Kra Pow and this is a pork and basil stir fry. This dish does feature egg, and I was a bit dubious to try it as I do not eat egg at all in my diet. But the egg sat on top and I simply moved it out of the way and ate around it. The Kra Pow is a spicy northern Thai pork dish made with basil, chillies, ginger, onion, garlic, and served alongside brown jasmine rice with a poached quail egg on top. Considering it had an egg on it and I hate icky foods touching I actually really enjoyed this signature dish. To me though it would be perfect without the egg

I must say, having never been to Thailand I don't really know though, this was some of the most authentic Thai food I had ever experienced in my life. No coconut in sight, apart from coconut water to drink, and a whole load of flavour. I often see too many curry dishes with coconut being passed off as Thai food but THIS, not a coconut in sight and a whole load of citrus and spice. If this is what Thai food is genuinely like I may have to rethink my statement of "there is more to life than Thailand"

I was also lucky enough to speak to one of the founders of Kra Pow, Richard Oakes. And his enthusiasm and love for Thai food came across so wonderfully that I realised that these dishes really must be genuine! No overly Westernised spin on them, just a real love for Thai food and bringing it to the London masses

So go on, next time you know you won't be bothered to cook head to EatFirst. Order a few dishes to your workplace or home and then pop them in the microwave that evening. Treat Yo Self and Thai Up your life

The EatFirst X KraPow LDN menu is available now over at
What would be the dish that you try out??


  1. Love EatFirst! We're hopefully going to order from their business menu at work soon!

  2. *Figuring out what to eat*

    Me: "How about Thai food?"
    Kaye: "No I don't like Thai food so I won't eat any of it"



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