C'est La Vie

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

C'est La Vie. That little French phrase we all know. That's Life.
And you know what? It sums everything up. That is life. C'est La Vie. Whatever will be, will be. (I know the song is actually que sera but I think it ties in with the notion of C'est La Vie also)

I don't want to sound negative but I see everybody nowadays popping stuff in their 'Fuck It' buckets and I want to add a little Parisian Chic to my life instead. I got dumped: C'est La Vie. Backstabbers getting you down? C'est La Vie. Got haters? C'est La Vie. I'll never be a skinny minx, C'est La Fucking Vie. C'est La Vie is my new "fuck it"

If this is what is meant to happen in my life, then so be it, that is my life. Part of me thinks life is what you make of it, part of me also thinks the universe has a plan for you (I don't believe in a higher entity in religion format, but I do believe in the power of the universe and karma and that kinda White Witchy thang), so whilst I am hustling to make my life what I want it to be I also have the idea that if things seem shit then C'est La Vie for the time being and it will always improve as that is what the universe must want for me. Things can and always will get better and maybe I am due for something bigger and better further along the line, it just wasn't meant to be right now for me

I mainly say this because this last month seems to be a time where I have had to get rid of a load of people from my life. I got dumped, I have had backstabbing friends and toxicity and C'est La Vie. That's life. We all experience this kind of thing unfortunately and it is how we learn to deal with it that helps us become a better person in the long run. That and I have resigned myself to the fact that maybe I will be single forever but it doesn't matter because I will ALWAYS have my camera

I'm not trying to make pain and upset sound invalid. But there comes an age where you do just wanna stick shit situations in the Fuck It bucket, brush yourself off, and just carry on with your head held high. I turned 27 recently and I feel far too old for these petty dramas now so C'est La Vie and BYE FELICIAS

It's not just a phrase that can be used amongst negative situations though
Got dumped but booked in some amazing photography work? C'EST LA FUCKING VIE WHILST I PUNCH THE SKY
Gotten closer to some real good people within your life? C'est La Vie you beauties
Booked all the city breaks and holidays and planning more? C'est La Vie and it is what you make of it! Catch flights not feelings gurl

To experience some real highs, you need to get real low first and it makes the good seem so much better and so much sweeter. So yeah, that's life and whilst it may seem shit at times, boy does it feel so much sweeter when it then finally balances out

So yeah you can have your Fuck It Buckets and Fuck Budgets, but I am going to carry on C'est La Vie'ing my way through my life because that is what it is, this is my life
That and it sounds a bit more sophisticated than just FUCK IT

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