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Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Clikd, a new creative and photo based dating/networking app, have challenged me to write about the best way get emotions through within photography. Not just love and those kinds of emotions though, but all kinds of emotions to help the viewer emote with your work and empathise with your work depending on the emotion present. Yes I will discuss love for the dating element of the app, but there is also a networking side to Clikd where you can meet like minded individuals to work on projects with or add to your ever growing circle of friends!

I am largely a fashion/portrait photographer, but even with images of travels and landscapes you can try and get a particular emotion across. Have you ever looked at something overly blue and felt cold and lonely? We associate colours with different feelings and emotions also (some people can be different, but most of the time blue can be associated with loneliness/sadness/cold and yellow with sunshine and happiness etc)
When trying to capture love as an emotion within photographs, you need a pair that have a genuine connection I find. Yes professional models can try and convey this but sometimes it still falls flat as they don't have that genuine connection or spark for each other. That's why wedding photographers, to me anyway and in my opinion, capture some of the best portraits of love. It's a real couple caught in a most exciting moment for them and just gushing to the brim of love for each other. The same with engagement shoots. The best ways of doing this is to not force anything. Don't make the couple be overly posey. Let them be natural and act like you are a fly on the wall and document them being natural with each other. That is where the true emotions will come out rather than trying to overly force something and pose something that will then fall flat. My shoot that captures the most raw sexual chemistry was with a couple that literally could not keep their hands off each other even whilst being photographed together. It was so raw and natural for them and it shows within the photographs

When I want to show happiness and get a natural smile in a photo I tend to have a conversation with my clients. There is nothing worse than going "can you smile please?" and your client having to fake a smile! You can tell straight away that it is forced and not genuine

Actually talk to your model/client and put them at ease with the fact you are talking but with a camera stuck to your face. Having a natural and genuine conversation with someone puts them at ease and they soon forget the camera and you can then capture a genuine smile when you crack one of your best jokes, or even if your natural banter is quite hilarious

One last tip I will leave you with is how you light your photos! Lighting is just as important in getting across an emotion. Bright light tends to leave us feeling happy as it is airy and bright, whereas harsh and dark light can give off serious and moody tones. If you use artificial light, play around with it and see how the overall aesthetic and mood to the image changes. Even by incorporating shadows created by natural light can create a different emotion within your photos rather than having no shadows at all. Photography is the art of playing with light after all and it's something you need to think about when creating an image

How does all of this fit in with Clikd? Well, you create your own quiz based around photographs! You choose some questions relevant to you and you choose the photo that best represents your answer and your personality. That sets up your quiz which others can then take and if their answers match your answers then you have officially matched, you have officially Clikd and can then talk to each other. A bit like Tinder but a whole lot more sophisticated, prettier, and you can actually match someone based on values rather than just their selfies

Are you on dating apps? Clikd is free so will you be giving it a go?

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