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Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Skogafoss WaterfallIf you follow me on Instagram then you may have seen my mass Iceland spam that I have been posting. Sorry not sorry for filling you with wanderlust there at all, and actually I really shouldn't be calling it spam either! It's my Insta I will fill it with what I want. But I digress from the point...

I have been to Iceland before and took my DSLR along. I knew I was going to take it along again this time because I would be exploring areas I didn't touch upon. No doubt I will be going again eventually as I have barely scratched the surface of the natural beauty within this country
I also had Panasonic Lumix UK then send me one of their CSC cameras to see if I would consider switching from DSLR to CSC. Interesting... but I'll give it a go!

All images in this post are taken on the Lumix camera with an array of their lenses. They sent me for my trip their Panasonic Lumix GX80 with the 12-32mm kit lens, the Lumix Vario 7-14mm F4 and the 25mm F1.4 lens which is the closest equivalent to the 50mm F1.4 that I use religiously on my Canon EOS 6D

For the space that my one DSLR takes up in a camera bag, I was able to fit this camera and the 2 extra lenses. So I am already sold on space saving ability when it comes to a CSC camera
But my Canon EOS 6D is full frame and this is a micro four thirds sized sensor which means it is much much smaller in size. The smaller the sensor the image quality isn't as good is what we have always been told
But actually I don't see a difference in overall image quality between my DSLR and this CSC. The camera and sensor may be smaller but my images still pack a punch! Half the time images are only ever viewed online anyway and the image doesn't have to be pin sharp for that. It's forgivable. Every one of my images is pin sharp though, even when using the 25mm at the F1.4 aperture and getting an insane amount of depth of field going on

The only thing I will say is though that the colour palette is slightly more muted and 'dull' but that could just be the fact I didn't adjust the cameras colour space, whereas my Canon EOS 6D is set up for a custom colour space and colour palette. This will automatically make my images different when straight out of camera between the two
This camera has a wi-fi functionality, much like my DSLR, and I LOVE this feature. It is one of the best and hooray for cameras that offer wi-fi. This basically means I can use my smart phone as a remote control or I can send images to my smart phone via an internal wi-fi connection the camera has

No it doesn't mean you can tether to your smart phone and get facebook coverage though

The only thing that bugged me about the Panasonic camera is the fact that I shoot in a file format named RAW. You can not send RAW files to your phone via the wi-fi. FYI Lumix, my Canon EOS lets me wi-fi RAW files so please fix this. I HATE shooting Raw & JPEG as it takes up so much space on the memory card and I don't want duplicate files either

However this did lead me to find a really great feature to the GX80 in the form of 'in camera RAW processing'
Those RAW files I couldn't wi-fi to my iPhone? I can process them in camera, adjust the brightness and contrast and the colouring, and then save it as a seperate JPEG all ready to be wi-fi'ed over and then uploaded to Instagram!

It added on a few steps before I could easily wi-fi some images over, but actually the RAW processing in camera really was very good, easy, intuitive and bloody brilliant! It had most things I would ever use in Lightroom anyway and was easy to switch between each section and export it as a jpeg
Icelandic Glacier
One thing I didn't get to try out is the fact you can take 4k video with this camera and then extract stills and make a jpeg out of it. I never normally do video even when travelling so this is a tool that would probably never be useful for me actually, but for a lot of other people I can imagine it would be. Especially people who vlog regularly! You can then pull out a high res jpeg as your video thumbnail
Icelandic Glacier
This little camera also has a viewfinder!! That's what I love about DSLR's! A viewfinder. When using the viewfinder you are holding the camera steady against your body. None of this waving it about in the air to use a screen kinda nonsense. I'm a 'traditional' photographer and love a viewfinder over a screen. I was constantly using this camera with the viewfinder

Being a CSC this is an electronic viewfinder, but it was still so easy and comfortable to use, especially as I wear glasses (or are meant to but never do) and so my vision is less than perfect when looking through a viewfinder. You don't have to use the viewfinder and you can stick to the touch screen LCD screen if you are that way inclined. I did sometimes cheekily use it and tapped the screen in certain areas for it to focus in that area. That can be a real handy and lazy feature which is great
Icelandic Glacier
You can find out more about the GX80 right here on Panasonic's site as this lists all of the techy photography spec for anyone interested in that kinda thing

All I can say is I was blown away by the performance of such a little camera and the shots I was able to take on it are on par with what I take on my DSLR
Reynisfjara Beach

Seljalandsfoss Waterfall
I am still not completely sold on CSC over DSLR when it comes to my professional work and for clients, but as a travel camera I can totally get behind it for sure! I still have all manual control like I would with a DSLR but actually I can take so much more kit and not be weighed down with a massive load

What do you think to my shots from Iceland?

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  1. Hi ,
    I have the Lumix GX80, I was very interested to read you blog regarding this. With the Lumix lenses I find it produces very good image quality at the lower iso settings. Throughout your blog post you didn't mention the battery life. Did you find it poor in comparison to your Canon DSLR?. I find it is the only downside to this camera compared to others that I have used. I would be interested in your thoughts.
    Cheers Ian.


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