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Monday, 8 May 2017

Recently I was lucky enough to have been invited by to an event they were sponsoring. The event was Cosmopolitan Magazine's 'Self Made Summit'. A whole day event designed around women entrepreneurs and the ambitious with the aim to inspire and 'influence the influencer'. Seems perfect for me seeing as I blog, run Fordtography and freelance in photography, and have a 9-5 photographical day job. I am the embodiment of an ambitious young woman right now for sure

Not the usual event I would actually sign up to myself, but after attending this I can definitely say I would do it again. Since leaving my mindset has changed, my goals have changed, the way I go about them all has changed. And for the better!
The editor of Cosmo actually opened with a bit of information about how being self made is SO important right now as job security in careers is lessening with each year that goes by. Freelancing is on the rise and so come on girls, get your #GirlBoss hats on whilst I run through some tips I learnt for the day that will hopefully inspire you...

The plan for the day was 2 keynote speakers, breaks, and 3 sessions named Breakout sessions. The Breakout sessions are the ones you personally signed up for before the day so that way they were tailored around your interests and what you wanted information/inspiration for!
The sessions I chose were:
  1. Make Me Famous: The power of Social Media to Launch a Million Pound Brand
  2. From Blog to Brand
  3. Alfie Deyes in Conversation with Caroline Flack
The first keynote speaker was Olivia Palermo. What a stunner. I could write loads about what she said and what she thinks you should do in life, but in reality one piece of information she said really resonated with me and I think it is KEY
She firmly believes in a strong work/life balance
If you aren't fulfilled in your personal life, you won't be able to fulfill any other aspects of your life! You NEED that down time. You need to be able to switch off in order to fully function in other aspects of your life and thrive. I know it is easy to get wrapped up in social marketing and emails, but seriously guys, enjoy your friends and family too and enjoy life

After Olivia Palermo it was time for Breakout session 1. Mine was the 'Make Me Famous' one which featured Sprinkle of Glitter, Clean Eating Alice, Jess Ronan of Instagram, Hugo Taylor all in discussion with Amy Grier of Cosmo. I'm not going to relay the whole breakout sessions with you. I just want to share with you valuable information I learnt so that it inspires you right now, but also inspires you to check this summit out if they make it an annual event (which I really think they should do!)
This breakout revolved around Instagram heavily, and we all know it is one we struggle with! Jess obviously explained the benefits of a business instagram account as we all know them, but it was the insight the others gave that are key

Hugo Taylor says if the image isn't better than your last post, don't bother posting it. You want similarity amongst all of your social platforms also and cohesiveness and if you are trying to say something, say it to death! For instance, I am a photographer, so of course I want to post constantly all of my work rather than snaps of my food or my coffee! This is why you should be picky about who you collaborate with also. This proves your authenticity and at the end of the day we all want to be authentic. Being a photographer, I wouldn't really want to go and collaborate with teatox tea or some bullshit like that now would I?

Sprinkle of Glitter says to post constantly but don't spam. You want your voice heard so posting constantly and consistently is key. She posts 2 or 3 times a day but also creates an 'insta bank' of pictures for future use so her content never runs dry

Lastly, Clean Eating Alice says that you need a consistent feed. When someone views your grid you essentially have 2 seconds for them to decide if they are going to follow you or not. A consistent feed shows what you are about, gets your message across as well as drives home that authentic message

I took home so much more advice and tips from that breakout, but I feel like what I explained above is key. That and I don't want to spoil anything if this does become an annual event!

Next was Breakout 2 which was 'From Blog to Brand' and this featured Rosie Fortescue, Sam Chapman of Pixiwoo, Fleur De Force, Sedge Beswick and Lottie from Cosmo
I just want to start by saying that I found a whole new love for Sam Chapman in this breakout. She is amazing, hilarious, blunt, and so on point. Being blunt is such a great trait I think especially for any self made woman. For me she came out with some of the best advice within this breakout for sure

Sam basically says be opposite to the trends! Marble flat lays? Make your own damn background and break free. Because of this you will stand out and not get lost amongst everyone else. Pixiwoo never did contouring videos when contouring was a trend and a thing, they were busy making new trends. Sam also says it is a positive thing to be a control freak, don't let anyone else tell you otherwise

Fleur says don't overthink a USP, unique selling point, either as you are an individual. You are your own person and your own USP. That is the beauty of blogging, we are all individuals with our own views and opinions and lives

Rosie says to always says stay true to yourself as there is nothing worse than trying to promote something you aren't passionate about which totally clicks in with advice from Breakout 1 about being picky with your colabs!

Lastly, the best bit from Breakout 2 was their buzzwords on traits that make the best Self Made woman
Rosie says 'passionate'
Sam says 'tenacity'
Fleur says 'determined'
These are the 3 key traits that make a Self Made woman/Girl Boss, and I kinda love it. Be passionate about what you want and do, be tenacious and be determined

After Breakout 2 was lunch, and so much other stuff was going on also! You could have manicures done, makeovers, your hair styled, HD brows

I ended up having my brows done by HD Brows for the first ever time. I have never done anything to my brows ever and I am now a complete convert. Because of this I missed the second keynote speaker. Oops. I AM SO SORRY, but also not sorry because my brows have never been so on fleek before
I also managed to get a business card holder monogrammed with my initials KLF which is amaziiinnnggggg, because my blog title has my initials in so it totally fits in

Breakout 3 was Caroline Flack and Alfie Deyes having a bit of a chat. Mainly how he became SUCH a star and it focused around Youtube. I don't bother with Youtube, it's not my thing, but guys don't worry if your channel isn't the next big thing. It took Alfie years before he got big and the amount of subscribers that he does have. It can and will happen but it will never ever be an overnight success so don't ever get disheartened

I hope you have learnt something from this blog post today and that you feel a little bit of new energy to go out there and be the best Self Made lass you can be! I can't wait to see if they make this an annual event

Thank you to for the invite! I had so much fun and feel so re-energised within my many endeavours

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  1. Loved reading this Kaye! Thank you so much for sharing some of the key things you learnt, looks like such an amazing event.
    Joelle x


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