Amy's Kitchen Celebrates 30 Years

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Amys Kitchen
Eating veggie is something I would love to do more, but I have personal reasons as to why I can't so don't preach to me to just do it and give up those nugs, and so when I can I definitely like to choose veggie over meat options to cut down my consumption

Amy's Kitchen is celebrating 30 years this year and offered to send me some samples to review. I was intrigued by a lot of the products such as gluten free pizza and veggie burritos, burgers, so how could a girl say no to trying out something completely new and exploring more veggie foods?! I wasn't expecting the array of delights they did send me however!

Amys Kitchen
I was sent a huge array of products ranging from tinned organic soups, to veggie burgers, gluten free pizzas, gluten free burritos, noodles and veg with tofu, vegetable bakes and lasagna. Every single product is meat free and I can guarantee you that even carnivores like me can enjoy them!
No meat, fish, poultry or eggs are used in these products and cheeses for the products are made with pasteurised milk and don't contain animal enzymes. You also have gluten free options for those people who want pizza still in their life but can't have the bread, as well as vegan options and every dish is non-GMO

Sounds like nothing but a whole lot of good to me! Especially as some items you can microwave I have always considered them to be really bad for you. These sound like nothing but good for you and you can microwave some of the dishes!! (I prefer to oven cook things but say you want one of these at the office for lunch and only have a microwave accessible it is great to be able to have that option!)
Amys Kitchen
These items are to be kept frozen, apart from the tinned goods of course, so if you want to stock up make sure you have a large freezer. I will say and admit that I didn't have enough room in my freezer for all of the goodness they sent me so I did end up refrigerating some of it but I ate it within a few days and there was nothing wrong with them or me. Amy's food is flash frozen to lock in flavour and to reduce food waste and they do this as they deem it vital to experience the taste like you are a guest within their own home

Amy's also helped pioneer the organic food movement in the US so you know you have great quality food when purchasing from the range and it is this same great quality and natural food that goes right into their dishes which they taste test hundreds of times to make sure there is absolute perfection. They also hand roll their burritos, hand stretch their pizza crusts as well as place the pizza toppings by hand and sauce is made from scratch. You could not find more attention to detail, love, and care in any other food brand
Amys Kitchen

After much tasting of a lot of these dishes I can confirm that yes, meat eaters can absolutely adore these products and not feel sad at the lack of meat. I absolutely loved the Gluten free rice crust pizza and I was so intrigued by it considering I am a massive pizza lover anyway. The organic chunky tomato soup was some of the finest tomato soup I have ever encountered in my life and the All American Burgers were so thick that the texture resembled that of a beef burger anyway. I still have items left to try such as a Medium Chilli and the burritos, but after what I have tried out already I know I have much to look forward to and I can't wait!! I think Amy's Kitchen has changed the way me and some of my family may eat and they are suitable for lunches as well as dinners. My dad has taken the vegetable bakes and lasagnas to work with him for his lunches as they can be microwaved and he has raved about how amazing they are and how he didn't miss any meat from the dishes at all. He keeps pestering me to find them in the supermarkets for him now

You can find Amy's Kitchen in Asda, Morrisons, Ocado, Sainsburys, Tesco, Waitrose, basically most major supermarkets and health food stores!
Items were sent to me free of charge for a review but all opinions are my own

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