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Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Boohoo Band Tees
Festival season is upon us officially! I always consider Download one of the first major festivals to kick start the season and it has now occurred. NGL, I am gutted I didn't go this year. Not even for a day. But I am so fed up with the Drownload it becomes, yet the one year I don't go and it seems OK weather wise?! What is that about?! However I can't complain as I did go to Slamdunk festival and it was UH-MAZING. Another festival I consider as the season kickstarter

A big wardrobe staple for me for festivals, and any occasion really, is band tees! So when Boohoo invited me to a band tee boutique of theirs I SQUEALED in delight. I am always buying band tees from festivals and gigs as mementos so this is right up my street

Boohoo Summer 17
One thing I never consider though with my band tees is then completely customising it myself to make it more unique and fit my style. Yes I buy band tees as mementos, but so do many others at that gig/festival and whilst I like being a part of a collective audience, it is sometimes nice to make an item more unique and slightly different from the masses. Who doesn't like a bit of therapeutic DIY also?

This is exactly what this boutique was about. Decorating or customising a band tee to see what we each came up with. We had all sorts available to us such as studs, rhinestones, scissors, fabric strips, pom poms, tassels, safety pins. All kinds. As well as different band tees we could choose from to customise
Boohoo Band Tees
I was nervous when I first started. I had zero inspiration as I have never customised a shirt myself. I always get worried I will mess something up and the shirt will be ruined! But actually, thanks to Yeezy, random holes and cuts in shirts are totally in right now so there was no way I could ruin anything and make it atrocious

I first picked a Nirvana shirt. I don't think there is anyone out there who doesn't love a bit of Nirvana. Even if they only love "Smells like Teen Spirit"

I have so many Nirvana tees that with this one I decided to just go for it and experiment!
Boohoo Band Tees
I picked up this piece of fabric that if I cut in half it would create tassels/fringing. My original idea was to put it around the sleeves but I decided to switch it up and put some fringing around the neckline
I secured it in place with some studs every now and then and a mix of studs too. Some small studs, some large studs, some star shaped studs. A little bit eclectic and dotted around just to secure the fringing in place. This way though I could then also remove the studs if I wanted to remove the fringing if I wasn't feeling it any more. Something I could wear and customise many ways that was a semi permanent idea if I so wanted to. Smart Kaye
Boohoo Band Tees
Boohoo Band Tees
Photo from Boohoo
My second shirt I decided to get a bit more daring and use some scissors. EEK. But after my successful first customisation I was feeling ballsy. I cut the sleeves off of an AC/DC shirt to make it a sleeveless tee and then I cut a triangle underneath the collar to make that choker style tee that is so in at the moment and I tapered the triangle off into a slit for ultimate cleavage showing

I also cut out triangles at the bottom to try and make a kind of step hem top, asymmetrical thing kinda going on but I don't think that worked so well. Ripping it slightly after making the cut has given it a bit more of a punky vibe though so I am totally rolling with it
Boohoo Band Tees

There are endless possibilities for customising band tees and random holes, slits, choker styles are so in right now and all you need is a tee and some scissors to help make your tee into something unique and completely new. Even if your band tee is super old you can revamp it up by cutting some slits in, or cutting tassels and turning it into a cropped tassel shirt, or distress one by sandpapering it to give it that real 'lived in' feel. It's always more fun with a bunch of you doing it at the same time too so get your gal pals together, customise some band tees with drinks and pizza and plan your next festival to rock them out at!

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I was invited to this event and so obviously got the shirts and some goodies FOC from Boohoo, but I wasn't obligated to write a blog about the event. I just really wanted to as I am such a band tee/rocker chick kinda gal and it was FUN

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