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Monday, 19 June 2017

I did something completely new and different for me recently. I photographed my Cousin's boyfriend do a freefall abseil off of the ArcelorMittal Orbit in Stratford
SIDEBAR, because actually he is now part of the family as he proposed to her before his abseil! EEK! HOW AMAZING

I am writing this post as obviously a means to show off my work which is what I like to do with my space, but also to give Jordan an outlet to explain why he has done this. To me, it seems scary and crazy! But once you know why someone does something you understand the will to want to do anything and to be able to go through with it also

This is what Jordan has to say about this event:
"I took on the 262 feet drop to raise money for somewhere close to my heart. West Suffolk Hospital in Bury St. Edmunds is not only the hospital where I was born, but one that's featured heavily in my life.
The birthplace of both myself and sister, the hospital also cared for my entire family throughout the last 23 years, going above and beyond as hospitals do.
But it was in 2016 when I lost my Father that I truly appreciated the hospital. Losing a parent, no matter the circumstances, is something I'd never wish upon anyone. But it was this event that really opened my eyes to the incredible work that the hospital do. I almost felt guilty that they had to work so hard and the effort that every member of staff put into helping him; when he really didn't deserve it. The cost of the air ambulance, the members of staff working tirelessly to save him, all of that costs an incredible amount of money. So I said to myself, at the start of the year, that I'll do what I can to pay that back. To apologise. To do my part, to help the already struggling NHS.
So that's why, I decided it would be a great idea to dangle 262 feet in the air on a rope. Any support you can give to this wonderful charity and hospital that does so much for a huge amount of people is hugely appreciated. Thank You."

I also like to think I have done this whole event and self-less act justice with these images. Not only can you see his smiling face in some of the images, but I also overcame challenges with my gear and was able to document the whole thing from start to finish. By overcoming challenges I mean that the only lenses I have are a 50mm and a 24-70mm. Not ideal when wanting to maybe photograph something 262 feet tall, but being limited to one lens (I used the 24-70mm fully extended to 70mm until he got lower and closer) means you then think about what you are shooting and how and pushes you creatively to get that shot

Please if you can, donate to this wonderful amazing thing Jordan has done. You can do so on his Just Giving page until the 24th June

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  1. Awesome. I would like to appreciate your spirit to help a charity cause. Wish you best of luck and for sure, we all will be standing with you.


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