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Monday, 17 July 2017

I have completely found something that has changed my shooting life. OK, it isn't exactly new and it is a company I have known about for years. But I have only just adopted it into my kit bag and it has revolutionised the way I shoot and how comfortable I now am. Mind. Blown.

If you are into photography and gear you may have already heard about Black Rapid. Back when I knew of them they were black and yellow branded but have since gone through a complete look refresh it seems and a whole new range which I think look more modern and sleek. I want to introduce you to the Black Rapid Curve Breathe strap and my new shooting best friend

This is a camera strap that doesn't hang around your neck like the one that gets supplied with cameras which I tend to hate. This is a strap that goes diagonally across your body and attaches to the tripod screw thread of your camera. The camera then has free movement across the whole of the strap so you can leave it by your hip when resting and not shooting, but easily bring it up to your face for shooting when required without actually changing position of the strap! Revolutionary, quick, and easy

Due to this strap design I am finding it a whole lot easier to carry my camera around on shoots from location to location, and the strap is padded on my shoulder so I no longer get aches and pains around my neck from carrying heavy gear around. It distributes the weight of your gear so much better and provides quick access. It is basically a photographers dream of a strap

I was even able to decorate some of the strap with some pin badges so that I can feel a bit more feminine in an industry that tends to be considered male dominated. I am one of those people always on the lookout for pretty but practical gear and it never seems to happen, so DIY decor is the next best thing!

The strap is fully adjustable to have the camera resting perfectly on your hip. I always worry because I am so short (I am 5 foot) but this strap was able to adjust perfectly to cater for my height, and I am sure the same could be said for taller people

I really wish I had invested in one of these straps a whole lot quicker as it would have saved so much aggro and pain when I was back working London Fashion Week and constantly had my camera around my neck. I feel the need for massages a lot less and my shoulders and neck area don't get as sore, I can also get the shot a lot quicker when working events as it is right by my side and can be brought up to my face so quickly and with no need to adjust the way the camera is strapped to me unlike with neck straps

I can truly #LiveTheMoment but still get photos of a particular moment with ease
Photos by Leigh Travers

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