Perilous Laboratory for the Absorbment of Natural Teachings (P.L.A.N.T)

Thursday, 20 July 2017

When Leigh asks if you want to go to an event with Hendricks, of course you scream "YYAASSS QUUUUEEEEEEN"!! Life has peaked mate. Hendricks is the ultimate one when it comes to Gin imo. Nothing more refreshing than a Hendricks and tonic with cucumber garnishing

However when she said the event was to make music with cucumbers, sorry love but what? You K hun? I started to get visions of us trying to hit drum kits with cucumbers and bits flying off everywhere into a nearby G&T. Amusing for sure but definitely a wtf is going on kind of moment. Alas that is not exactly what happens at P.L.A.N.T

P.L.A.N.T (Perilous Laboratory for the Absorbment of Natural Teachings) was being held at the RHS Garden Show. Loads of greenery and Hendricks?! Life has actually peaked for me. Surrounded by cacti and heading off to see what Hendricks were up to, I was in my element

We were taken to Hendricks P.L.A.N.T section in the corner of the show where obviously there was a bar, and then a workbench and seats set up for the actual experiment within the laboratory. We chose a cocktail from the bar to quench our thirst whilst we awaited our experiment session and ultimately awaited on making music with cucumbers. FYI no drum kits in sight

We were seated and then given an intro by Hendricks master scientists and professors and it featured a lot of screaming at cucumbers, before we were urged to put the headphones on and essentially tickle the cucumbers

OK we weren't told to tickle the cucumbers but I had to get some kind of innuendo in this post

Each person in the experiment was seated with a box of 3 cucumbers in front of them and some headphones. Pop the headphones on and then we could see the professor talk into a mic and then we could hear him also in our headphones. He went through each one of us and the sounds our cucumbers make! I was the drum beat, so each cucumber for me played a different drum beat. No pressure Kaye because yanno, I was the whole backbone of this experiment eek. One of my cucumbers was the stopcumber so if I pressed that one by accident there would be no more drum beat and it could all descend into musical chaos. Leigh was the bass cucumbers so equally important too for those bassy riffs

After finding out what each persons cucumber trio was, it was time to create a minutes worth of glorious music as a harmony. We decided to start it with a vocal intro! So someone had some vocal riff cucumbers and we started with a mash up of the word "cucumbers" before I included a drum beat and then we were off stroking our cucumbers in a glorious harmony to make a 1 minute long track

Our track sounded so good we were rewarded with some refreshing G&T's with cucumber of course as a way of saying "good job and well done with this experiment. You were glorious"

So yes. You can indeed make music with cucumbers and then enjoy them in a refreshing G&T afterwards. No screaming at them is required!

If you feel like you are sad at missing the chance to make music with cucumbers with Hendricks, fear not! They are taking P.L.A.N.T to various places around the UK so you can still have a chance to experience this experiment for yourself and take part for the greater good of cucumber science

Find out if P.L.A.N.T is coming to an area near you right here
I urge you to because you will never take part in a science experiment quite like it!

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