Summertime Sadness

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

"I got that Summertime, Summertime sadness

S-S-Summertime, Summertime sadness"

This post doesn't allude to suicide like Lana's song does. No. It is more about social media and the need to look like you are having the best summer in the world before looking like you are having the cosiest and most Hygge winter ever
It's a tricky one for sure but I can't help but feel sad within Summer as I am not doing as much as others. I am not visiting as many beaches or going abroad to hotter climates as much, not that I need to with the current global warmed up UK and it's muggy AF temperatures, and then when Winter rolls around I get S.A.D because of the lack of light and all kinds of other factors. I do suffer from depression but take no action to combat it so maybe, just maybe, that isn't helping me at all, but the 'highlight reel' that is social media makes us judge our lives too harshly also
It is a topic that everybody will probably cover on their blog at least once. People talk about it daily and how not to compare your low points to somebody's highlight reel that they are showing on social media, but it is hard not too when we are so consumed within it! I get serious FOMO when friends go and do something without me even if I am out doing things with other friends. It is BONKERS that I feel this way and it makes summer that little bit harder to deal with mentally

I am preaching to the wrong crowd also as I know you will be reading this and saying "but Kaye, you go to events and go abroad on weekend trips and bla bla bla" and yes, I do, and you probably look at my highlights and think the same. It is because we all judge the points we do absolutely nothing with what others are doing. We feel we aren't busy enough, that we aren't as popular or as liked. At least that is where my mind goes which stems from an adolescence of bullying and feeling worthless

We judge ourselves against the influencers who get the press trips to festivals because #SummerFestivalGoals, and the ones who go abroad to Ibiza many times in the few months we get summer for, or even the ones who go abroad every other week full stop. Blogging and 'influencing' is one of the most FOMO inducing industries yet but we also forget that this is their highlight reel and their full time job. We don't take into consideration that the majority of us blog part time, as a hobby. We don't take into consideration the fact we may work 9-5 and blog in our spare time which is fleeting at best when trying to juggle a social life also, we don't take into consideration that these full time bloggers are self employed and probably worry themselves about money or when they have a quiet period or chasing up invoices and that they still have 'regular' life stresses and problems like we all do. Whilst their life looks ideal social media will never show what is behind the instagram, and often the grams we see are in someone's "instagram bank" and may even be posted up when they are slobbing in bed. FYI, that is totally what I do

I then judge myself against others summer outfits and 'summer bodies'. When I go to a hot country I barely look fashionable but then I judge myself for not being instagram ready or perfectly made up. Instead I dress for comfort and heat banishing rather than for the instagram and this makes me sad that I can't be perfect. I then get sad that vests and camis make my arms look fatter and that shorts and dresses show off how short I am and how my thighs look thunderous. It's another ridiculous mentality I have and one made worse in Summer because I can't hide behind baggy and cosy clothing like I can in A/W and then the cycle begins all over again because less light does not do me well either mentally and emotionally

So yes, I have that summertime sadness. But I am doing my best to make it a summer I won't forget and to just live in the moment, rather than live thinking "will this look good on instagram?"
I want moments with people I will treasure forever in my memories rather than in a digital format and living life constantly worrying about numbers and followers and likes

The body issue will forever be in my mind, but as I am getting older I am giving less fucks about looking perfect and just trying to embrace me and who I am within the world. I have a lot more to give the world than my looks and how I dress

Photos by Leigh Travers

Dress: Pretty Little Thing, Oversized fishnets: Missguided

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  1. I'm by no means a full time blogger but yeah- it is fitted in when I can and often written in a flying hurry and/or slapped together late at night or very early in the morning.
    Spot on even for us part time bloggers about money worries, chasing bills, etc. I'm doing that as we speak. Great blog Kaye, even for an old dinosaur like me who doesn't really get social media ;-)


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