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Monday, 14 August 2017

David Clulow Opticians
I bet y'all didn't know I am meant to wear glasses 24/7. To be honest, it is something I forget. I go for an eye test and I get glasses and then I fall out of love with them easily and stop enjoying wearing them. I also completely neglect my eyesight, which I really shouldn't do considering I need it for my job after all. I am always quick to make a GP appointment for ailments, but I never regularly check my eyesight and make sure everything is A-OK and nothing bad is happening behind the scenes

Stag and Raven

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Stag and Raven
I am kind of covered in tattoos. You may not know this seeing as most of my tattoos can actually be easily covered up as I started getting them when within a 'professional' environment but you can see some of them in this blog post I have written before
Due to this I am heavily into the tattoo industry as well as tattoo artists. The level of skill their drawing involves and to then be able to ink into someones skin just amazes me every time. Not to mention the amount of creativity it takes to think of their own designs, but also to bring peoples ideas to life into something that is still true to themselves as an artist

Drink Cranes

Monday, 7 August 2017

Cranes Cranberry Cider
I will never lie to you on this blog of mine, and I won't begin to now. Cranes drinks first caught my eye because I am thirsty AF due to my singledom and their profile picture on Twitter is one to eye up for sure. You'll see what I mean now if you go and look
But the thirst works on so many levels due to the fact they are a drinks company also founded by two rather good looking twin brothers. That photo alone sells it to me and also a cranberry cider?! The intrigue is too real because I always thought cider was apple based and then you just add other fruit for different flavourings

But nope, this is a cranberry based drink which is also available in different flavour options

#BohoBeachParty with Umberto Giannini

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Beach by Umberto Giannini
I am lucky to be blessed with beachy kind of waves as my natural hair. I used to despise them and they used to be a bit more ringletty back in my teenage days when I wanted poker straight Avril Lavigne hair, but I realised poker straight hair makes my hair look even thinner and wispy so I decided to embrace my natural hair and just enjoy it

The older I got the more I fell in love with my natural boho beachy vibes and my messy chic bedhead kind of hair that I leave to just air dry and go. But I never bother with any product for it to maybe enhance or improve the condition of my hair *oops*. So when I got an invite to the #BohoBeachParty with Umberto Giannini I knew I'd be able to embrace my beach hair and maybe learn how to improve it also
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