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Monday, 7 August 2017

Cranes Cranberry Cider
I will never lie to you on this blog of mine, and I won't begin to now. Cranes drinks first caught my eye because I am thirsty AF due to my singledom and their profile picture on Twitter is one to eye up for sure. You'll see what I mean now if you go and look
But the thirst works on so many levels due to the fact they are a drinks company also founded by two rather good looking twin brothers. That photo alone sells it to me and also a cranberry cider?! The intrigue is too real because I always thought cider was apple based and then you just add other fruit for different flavourings

But nope, this is a cranberry based drink which is also available in different flavour options
Cranes Cranberry Cider
I was sent their 3 flavours. Blueberries and apples, cranberries and lime, raspberries and pomegranate. Let me tell you now my absolute fave has to be the cranberries and lime flavour with the raspberries and pomegranate a close second. I mean come on, pomegranate is such an under rated fruit and it needs to be celebrated more to be honest so I am so glad they include pomegranate in one of their flavour options

To go with the intrigue that is a cranberry cider (but FYI it does also have apples a base to be able to call it cider) it is also naturally light!! Which means less calories. I am not a calorie counter at all but for those who are these drinks have 30% fewer calories compared to brand leaders so you don't have to feel guilty at all when drinking one or a couple of these
Cranes Cranberry Cider

When chilled these are the perfect summer drink. Not too fizzy like some ciders, smooth, easy to drink, and chock full of amazing flavour no matter which flavour you actually opt for. But like I said I think my favourite just has to be the cranberries and lime flavour

You can buy Cranes cider in a case of 12 on their e-shop

Which one would you opt for first?
Items were gifted to me for review, but all views and opinions are my own. Especially when it comes to their profile photo

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