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Monday, 14 August 2017

David Clulow Opticians
I bet y'all didn't know I am meant to wear glasses 24/7. To be honest, it is something I forget. I go for an eye test and I get glasses and then I fall out of love with them easily and stop enjoying wearing them. I also completely neglect my eyesight, which I really shouldn't do considering I need it for my job after all. I am always quick to make a GP appointment for ailments, but I never regularly check my eyesight and make sure everything is A-OK and nothing bad is happening behind the scenes
David Clulow Opticians
My last eye test was maybe about 4 years ago. EEK. OUCH. WHY?! THAT IS SO BAD. ESPECIALLY considering I have astigmatism and was always told I need to wear glasses 24/7 and definitely need them for concentration things such as computer work (photo editing) and driving. I edit photos a lot within my line of work so no wonder I was squinting more and more and I was just accepting it. Real bad Kaye

So when David Clulow invited me for an eye test and then the chance to pick out some Ray Bans I knew I needed to just go and sort my life out
David Clulow Opticians
I visited their Covent Garden branch as I am in London a lot. I live in Watford and there is a Watford branch I can visit though in case of any damage or adjustments that need to be made to the frames. It's good to know I can pop into any David Clulow branch and not just the Covent Garden one

With your eye test you also get a health check as part of the package and I can confirm that my eyes are 100% healthy and there is nothing for me to worry about. My astigmatism is common and will never change but I also don't have to wear the glasses 24/7 like I was told 4 years ago. I can just wear them for concentration things if I so wish, or if I want to wear them 24/7 then that is no problem either
David Clulow Opticians
The whole process has been the quickest thing I have ever known! The eye test was easy and so thorough in choosing the best lenses and prescription for me to see as clearly as possible. I was so at ease and the staff were so friendly. The examination was quick but thorough and the part that took the longest was actually choosing the frames from RayBan's collection

The manager had said he always wanted someone to decide a set of glasses by putting it to social media so that is precisely what I did. I was torn between 2 pairs so my twitter following could help me decide. You guys didn't disappoint so thank you Twitter fam! After the eye test I loaded up Twitter to an insane amount of tweets but 90% of you all said pair 1! Which turned out to be the pair me and the manager favoured anyway after re-trying the both on, so it was pair number 1 for me which are the Club round optics. We chose it in a softer tortoiseshell rather than a straight and bold black as the tortoiseshell complimented my hair and also didn't look as harsh on my face. So thank you Sean of Covent Garden for being a real fashionista with your decisions and helping me choose the most flattering pair. I would have gone for straight black and never would have considered a tortoiseshell pair at all
David Clulow Opticians
After we chose Pair 1 we did some quick pupil alignment procedures and then my glasses were ready to be ordered. I had my eye test on a Saturday. I got a phone call on Tuesday to say they were ready to be picked up. That is the most amazing turnaround I have ever heard of. I remember waiting nearly 2 weeks when I had my last eye test. I was also only in the opticians for 30 minutes which included the examination and the choosing of the frames. I am stunned at how quick and easily this fit into my busy schedule. I have no more excuses ever for not getting my eyes checked more regularly

I think it is safe to say Clulow really does care about your eyesight and I am completely 100% feeling myself in these new frames of mine. I never want to take them off. #ClulowCares

Who else thinks I could now be a model for RayBans eh?
Eye test and prescription glasses were all complimentary, but opinions and views are my own

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  1. These Ray-Bans really suit you, but I also love the full circle tortoiseshell. Heard these are a good opticians
    H x


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