Stag and Raven

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Stag and Raven
I am kind of covered in tattoos. You may not know this seeing as most of my tattoos can actually be easily covered up as I started getting them when within a 'professional' environment but you can see some of them in this blog post I have written before
Due to this I am heavily into the tattoo industry as well as tattoo artists. The level of skill their drawing involves and to then be able to ink into someones skin just amazes me every time. Not to mention the amount of creativity it takes to think of their own designs, but also to bring peoples ideas to life into something that is still true to themselves as an artist
Stag and Raven
My parents are heavily against tattoos but that isn't ever going to stop me. But I know some people always want a tattoo but always worry what others will think whether it be parents or work. But you can still support the tattoo industry and the artists by shopping and wearing gear in a different way entirely! This is where a small business based in Manchester comes in named Stag and Raven

Stag and Raven was started by Hannah and Kate 2 years ago as a way to showcase affordable and beautiful art by tattoo artists. They have recently teamed up with Inkluded which is a UK tattoo community to create a range of clothing by ten new tattoo artists and they also work with a lot of Manchester based artists and they have a small shop in Afflecks Palace
Stag and Raven
Shopping like this is a great way for me to see the work of tattoo artists based all around the UK. I am based in Watford so I would never normally get to see the work of artists up North easily at all. It's also a great way to support artists, the community, but also get some affordable art for your home or to wear

Stag and Raven offer limited edition prints which can be framed or unframed, as well as clothing and lifestyle accessories such as mugs and phone cases. You can be sure to find something from them easily and in a style that suits you. After perusing a lot of their shop there are so many new artists I want pieces done by!!
Stag and Raven
Stag and Raven did indeed gift me these items and I am so thankful they have. The clothing additions to my wardrobe are so comfortable and I never ever take off this hoody now!

The hoody is the Peony Mandala Unisex zip hoody and the design is by Holly Astral. I opted for the hoody in a size L as I adore real big and cosy sweats and this item is part of their Inkluded range. The pocket on the right hand side has a bloody headphone cord hole! That's how much they have thought about this range rather than just buy hoodies and print on them. I did panic when I first felt the hole thinking "Oh no it's got a hole in already" but actually I realised there is stitching around it and that it is actually part of the design and not a wear and tear hole. It will never be of any use to me, but I know how it would be useful for others and I love this attention to detail
Stag and Raven
The vest is also a size L as again, I like big and baggy clothes and comfort and this vest is the Ouija Planchette by artist Stephanie Melbourne. It is again a unisex item and also part of the Inkluded range that Stag and Raven have
As well as wearing this planchette on a vest, I definitely want something similar inked onto my arm also so I will definitely be looking into Stephanie Melbourne as an artist further
Stag and Raven
I then opted for some prints. I got one framed and one unframed so I could see the difference between the 2. The first one is a print by artist Becky Pope who also has a lot of other stuff available via Stag and Raven. I opted for the Female Leaders print which features a quote from Facebook's COO Sheryl Sandberg. It was too good not to choose seeing as I am a female and I want to see us as leaders and not 'female leaders'. There should be no gender assignment to such a title at all

It's also a limited edition print with a run of 150 to it so I know I also have something a little bit special and highly affordable!
Stag and Raven
The second print is the Handsome Fox print by Joanne Baker and I definitely got this one framed as I want to gift it to Leigh of Fox and Feather Blog. I saw it and instantly thought of her and thought it would make an amazing gift. That's what is so great about prints from tattoo artists, they can make such unique and great gifts and they support a small community rather than chain high street stores

Joanne has also requested that £1 of every sale of her items through Stag and Raven go to the MS Society which I think is amazing. Not only are you supporting a community and a small business but also a charity through purchasing some affordable art
Putting the frame around the print has also made it look so much more expensive than it actually is also! Adding a frame onto a print only costs you an extra £13 to the cost of the print which is such a good deal and it looks so much more luxe in a frame. They also package it up nicely so you don't need to worry about your prints getting damaged in transit. They shipped from Manchester to Watford and are the condition I have photographed them in which is perfect
Stag and Raven

Lastly they also sent me this amazing flash mug by artist Jon Turner who also happens to be Stag and Ravens artist in residence. He has designed a bunch of mugs for them and these mugs are exclusive to Stag and Raven so be sure to snap some up. The one I opted for is called the 'Awesome Flash' mug and features so many coffee related flash designs which I think are so adorable and perfect for a little chuckle in the morning when trying to wake up
It is printed so well and looks so amazing and sharp and clean and is probably one of the best mugs I own. And trust me, I own many, I seem to be a crazy mug lady

So, like I said, there are many ways you can adorn a tattoo artists work and it doesn't just have to be within your skin. It can be in your home or on your body in the form of clothing. Thank you Stag and Raven for the amazing items and the new tattoo artists to look out for and get inked by

You can shop at Stag and Raven here
Items were gifted to me but all thoughts and opinions are my own

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  1. Yay! Thanks so much for your support - glad you love the products and you look wonderful! X


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