#BohoBeachParty with Umberto Giannini

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Beach by Umberto Giannini
I am lucky to be blessed with beachy kind of waves as my natural hair. I used to despise them and they used to be a bit more ringletty back in my teenage days when I wanted poker straight Avril Lavigne hair, but I realised poker straight hair makes my hair look even thinner and wispy so I decided to embrace my natural hair and just enjoy it

The older I got the more I fell in love with my natural boho beachy vibes and my messy chic bedhead kind of hair that I leave to just air dry and go. But I never bother with any product for it to maybe enhance or improve the condition of my hair *oops*. So when I got an invite to the #BohoBeachParty with Umberto Giannini I knew I'd be able to embrace my beach hair and maybe learn how to improve it also
Beach by Umberto Giannini
The event was held at Neverland London which is in Wandsworth and is this amazing cocktail bar meets beach right beside the Thames. You couldn't have asked for a more perfect setting for a beachy event, unless of course it was on Brighton beach itself or some other beach in the UK

We were greeted with Mermaid juice (gin and elderflower) and a run through of the new Beach collection by Umberto Giannini. Within this collection you have Beach Wash Shampoo and Beach Care Conditioner, Catch a Wave texture spray, Boho Beach Jelly and Pool Proof leave in hair cream. Each item features coconut oil inside for extra nourishing factors and an amazing scent and the whole range is completely cruelty free and vegan which makes me super happy
Beach by Umberto Giannini
The point being that this collection can aid your hair if you already have beachy vibes like me, or it can help you create the ultimate mermaid dream hair if you aren't blessed with boho beach waves like I am

The texture spray is similar to a sea salt spray, but with added coconut oil and UV filters and it doesn't leave your hair dry and crispy like sea salt sprays can. Spray on and scrunch for the ultimate healthy boho 'mermaid hair, don't care' look
My favourite product so far is the Boho Beach Jelly coconut oil scrunching jelly. I use this on my wet hair and leave my hair to air dry like I usually do, but I find my waves actually look better when I use this product! Again featuring UV filters and coconut oil, my hair is nourished and looked after when I use this product and my natural lazy waves are enhanced and look bomb af. My hair also smells amazing due to the coconut oil and I just want to eat it which I do not recommend doing
Beach by Umberto Giannini

If you are due on holiday soon with sun and pool, so are exposing it to chlorine and a lot of UV, then I definitely recommend taking the Pool Proof leave in hair protection cream with you. It will protect it from the drying effects of the sun and sand and chlorine whilst also helping to prevent any colour fade, as well as keeping it deep conditioned and easy to detangle also all in one. Again featuring coconut oil, so it also makes you smell like a completely tropical beach babe

I am loving this collection and I am now actually regularly using product, but still being completely lazy with my hair. Nourished but lazy hair for the actual win

You can shop the Beach collection right here

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