Dairy free chocolate?!

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Raw Halo Chocolate
I don't really enjoy dairy. I don't drink milk and I don't tend to have cereal. I hate butter and refuse to eat it in sandwiches. I only eat cheese on a pizza and I only have milk in milk chocolate and ice cream. It's a weird habit to have seeing as I am not lactose intolerant. I just don't like those components when they aren't included in things. I hate the smell and taste of milk and the same with cheese really

But hold on, I can get milk chocolate without the milk?! "hello, I would like to order all of your milk-less milk chocolate please"
Say hello to Raw Halo. Raw, organic, refined sugar and dairy free chocolate
Raw Halo Chocolate
Raw Halo is a derbyshire start-up company and they are already sold in the likes of Harrods, Not on the High Street, Whole Foods, Planet Organic and a few more health shops. Founded in 2015 by Meg after she gave up refined sugar and struggled to find a good quality raw chocolate product not loaded with additives or nasty sugar alternatives (I also personally have a huge thing against chemical sweeteners and aspartame in particular. I think it triggers migraines within me)

Raw Halo combines superfoods with Peruvian Cacao to create 'mylk' as well as regular Dark chocolate with a whole host of different flavour mashups. If you wish to find out more about them and their process then just visit this page which tells you all about the goodness within their chocolate
Raw Halo Chocolate
I was sent a couple of flavours to try out and a few different sizes of their bars too. The Mylk + Vanilla I was sent is a brand new 70g bar. You can also buy their bars as little gift sets for birthdays or christmas and it comes packaged in a beautiful gift box. It looks like the best gift ever for someone who is health conscious!

The chocolate bars themselves are already packaged up beautifully so just imagine a gift box of them. Each bar comes wrapped in a beautiful polka dot foil to keep it fresh and then wrapped in a colourful outer box, and each chunk of chocolate has the Raw Halo logo on. Everything has been thought about within the process of making this chocolate

I was sent a bar of their Pure Dark which has won awards, their Pure Mylk, Mylk + Vanilla and Mylk + Salted Caramel
I normally hate dark chocolate with a passion but actually I didn't mind this one at all. I didn't find it as bitter as something like Bournville, but I still don't think I would personally opt for it if I fancied some chocolate. Their Mylk one however, I seriously want it in a larger bar format. It was as good as Dairy Milk and in a taste test I definitely wouldn't even know any milk was missing
Raw Halo Chocolate

My overall fave was their Mylk + Salted Caramel one, but they have so much more flavour options then what I was sent. You can purchase through their website so why not take a look at what they offer for yourselves? I kinda wanna try the ones with pink Himalayan salt as well as the Mylk + Crispies one. I'm willing to give the Dark + Sweet Orange a go also to see if this can replace my Christmas fave of a chocolate orange

Also, Raw Halo, please make them in an even larger bar. Like Dairy Milk share size kind of size, because I tend to eat those in one sitting and I don't want that dairy in me anymore haha
Items were sent to me for review, but all views are my own

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