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The Botanist, Farnham

The Botanist, Farnham
I'm going to let you all in on a secret. I am a complete hipster. I love cocktail bars and especially ones that have a theme running throughout and that have taken the effort with what they serve you

I went to an event at the Trading House in London and found out that there are chains similar to this one across the UK. The people who own the Trading House also own a chain called The Botanist and after looking it up I knew just straight away that I had to visit one and try it all for myself! The cocktail menu alone and the botany theme throughout it just peaked my interest and my love for cute cocktails and well thought out menus
The Botanist, Farnham
I have also grown to love greenery and succulents so it seemed to make sense to visit a chain with a botanical theme and where the majority of cocktails seemed fresh and fruity. But also a place where cocktails are displayed with wonder and awe. The Trading House event showed us that barmen literally blow smoke into a negroni and display it all in a trading box so I wondered what the Botanist could do. They have a section all about pots and planters and quite literally the cocktails come served in a plant pot!

My boyfriend picked the Raspberry Disaronno Sour which is pictured below and came with a test tube of dry ice which the server activated for us at the table. This filled our table with harmless smoke and our faces with complete wonder

Also, I just want to leave you with this note that my boyfriend actually ordered the 'Raspberry Dinosaur Sour' to which the servers looked baffled and I told him it is Disaronno and that he had read the menu wrong...
The Botanist, Farnham
The cocktail menu is a delight of fresh flavours and fruits all combined together and I kinda wish I could have tried a sharing cocktail to see if it genuinely arrives in a watering can. But I guess I will have to go back for that another day to find out

The food menu is similar to the Trading House, so food wise you can experience similar delights, but the cocktail menu between the two places are completely different and catered to the theme of the bar itself. The Trading House is more tea based and Indian and Eastern vibes to it compared to the fruity and botanical vibes at the Botanist
The Botanist, Farnham
Food wise, there is some amazing and eclectic choice for meat eaters and veggies. For a starter I decided to pick the humous and bread starter which actually came presented in a trowel with some fresh veggie sticks and home made Fougasse bread

The hipster in me fell in love as NGL, I love when food is served in quirky items haha. It elevates the whole eating experience and I know people find it weird when food isn't on plates. But serving on a trowel is harmless and really kinda fun and cute
The Botanist, Farnham
The food that does get served on plates though still keep to the theme of Botany as the plates are printed with floral patterns and I love when a theme can be run throughout a place
The Botanist, Farnham
For a main I chose the hanging kebab that the Botanist and the Trading House seem to be known for. They both serve them and they are listed on the menu as a top dish. I chose the chicken one so it had lumps of chicken breast, red onion, peppers, and mushroom all hanging on a stick. On the top was garlic butter with chips hanging below, and what you are meant to do is then pour your sauce into the little part it comes sitting in. There are 2 holes strategically placed so that when you pour the sauce it then pours down the kebab and goes over your chips also which makes for quite the visual treat and overall taste sensation
The Botanist, Farnham
The boyfriend went for a classic steak, but a flattened rump steak and chose to upgrade his fries to sweet potato ones. Again, it came served on a floral patterned plate. The sweet potato fries seem to come seasoned with a little bit of spice, or something, as I tried a couple and then had a spicy tickle on my tongue for a little while afterwards but it wasn't unpleasant! It was just unexpected but a real nice treat to experience when you are only expecting sweet potato

To me that shows the quality of the chefs within this place, that they season everything themselves and take care over the dishes. They also all arrived very quickly with us and the place wasn't exactly empty!
The Botanist, Farnham

Lastly comes the best part of the meal. The dessert. There is only really a handful to choose from when it comes to desserts, but I always think that is better as it normally means the small range they do have are the bomb!

And even though I have just eaten 2 very amazing courses, I always have room for dessert also. I genuinely think a dessert stomach is a real thing. There were some amazing choices and we kinda couldn't decide so we decided to order 2 and then split them half and half so we could experience both
The Botanist, Farnham
Our choices were the baked chocolate chip cookie dough as well as the white chocolate and peanut butter mousse. HEL-LO, THEY HAVE A PEANUT BUTTER DESSERT. I COULDN'T NOT CHOOSE IT

And it came in a trowel again! I fell in love. AND IT HAD POPPING CANDY ON IT AND CHOCOLATE CRUMBS TO LOOK LIKE DIRT! Seriously, the best dessert and it looked so cute. Popping candy is SO under-rated
And then I ate the cookie dough dessert and fell in love again as it was warm and gooey but cold with the ice cream and soft and just so amazing to experience warmth after a cold mousse. If ever you eat here, honestly, just order the both of these desserts. You need to experience both in my eyes
The Botanist, Farnham
I went to the Botanist in Farnham but don't worry if you don't live nearby as you can find your nearest one right here. Even if you go in for a cheeky cocktail or 2 it is definitely worth it to experience some dry ice within your cocktail. I mean, interesting cocktails are perfect for the gram am I right?!
And food served in trowels? Do it for the gram guys
Or even the instagram story. Live music gets played whilst you eat and/or drink so the atmosphere is buzzing and the cocktails look as amazing as they taste



  1. There's a Botanist about 500 yards away from my office and I've always wondered about it but never been in so when I saw this post on twitter I knew I had to give it a read. Wow, wow, wow, you've totally convinced me to take my bf there too now - definitely going to be our next date night. I also love it when places serve their dishes in unconventional ways like this - it just makes it a bit different! The kebab looks delicious and those desserts, mmmmmm!! Fab post and gorgeous photos as always Kaye xx

    emily x ❤ |

  2. I went to the Botanist in Leeds and it was amazing. It was super busy in there, and there was a performer singing and playing guitar whilst we ate. Because you go downstairs into the restaurant, it felt almost like a secret - so cosy, but lively all at the same time.

    YES to that dessert. OH MY GOD. Anything with peanut butter and I am SOLD xxx

  3. I've been meaning to visit the Farnham branch so thank you so much for this review, I'll be popping in ASAP!


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