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Friday, 15 December 2017

Electric Ink skincare
It is no secret I have a lot of tattoos. I got 4 in the space of one month recently and I share it all over my social media for you to have a look
Want to know what I hate about new tattoos though? They make your other ones, older ones, look rubbish! New ones are vibrant and fresh and stay that way for a good few months before they start to dull down like your older ones. I don't really have any colour on me so it isn't as bad but black & grey tattoos can dull down too

This is where Electric Ink skincare can help!
Electric Ink Vibrancy Serum
Electric Ink have 3 products so far in their range (they have told me they are working on more, how exciting) and these products are great after care products

By aftercare though I mean after your tattoo has actually healed. Please don't use them on healing tattoos!
You have the choice of a daily moisturiser, Vibrancy Tattoo Body Serum, and a defining body oil. Or you can buy all 3 in a gift box and use all 3! Each one is meant to offer different results in a way and have different ways to use them. My favourite is actually the vibrancy serum so far. I noticed a difference straight away on some of my older tattoos

The vibrancy serum is quite a small 60ml tube, but a little goes a long way and the serum is meant to promote vibrancy of your tattoo whilst also hydrating your skin. It includes vitamin C to increase skin suppleness and help protect it from sun damage, amino acid to act as a skin conditioner and to even skin tone, inca inchi oil to maintain skin hydration and improve elasticity and also includes Liftonin-Xpert to support the maintenance and intensity of tattoo ink. You only need a little and it's definitely worth it using on a whole area of skin rather than just on a tattoo itself. Like I said, I did notice a vibrant difference on my older tattoos
Electric Ink daily moisturiser
My next favourite is then the daily moisturiser. It smells divine as it has coconut oil inside of it so you smell like a tropical delight. Again, a little goes a long way and it sinks in really nicely to your skin and spreads far also so this bottle would last you a long while for sure

It features the same Liftonin-Xpert to maintain your tattoo, coconut oil for its hydrating properties and light texture for dry skin, inca inchi oil and vitamin E acetate which assists with increasing moisturisation of the skins surface and helps to prevent signs of sun damage

I didn't notice a big difference in the vibrancy of my tattoos after one use, but I did notice a big change in how healthy and moisturised my skin actually was so I definitely recommend it is a body moisturiser. This is going to save me when I go on roaccutane

However, after daily use I started to notice my tattoos getting a bit more vibrant so definitely stick with using this daily like the name suggests
Electric Ink defining body oil
Lastly is the body oil. I don't like this product as much but mainly because I actually hate the feeling of oils on my hands. Other than that I can't fault it! It smells great which is again due to the inclusion of coconut oil inside of it and it smells better than the moisturiser

This product moisturises your skin whilst also delivering gloss and clarity for a fresh ink look. It certainly does that and I actually recommend spraying this on before you go to sleep and leaving it to soak in to your skin. I hate spraying it on and then rubbing it in to my skin as I hate the oily feeling left on my hands, but spraying it on and leaving it to naturally soak in to my skin seems to does the trick for me!
Electric Ink defining body oil
I have fallen in love with this company as my skin ends up feeling, looking, and smelling great, and their packaging is right up my street! I love good old traditional tattoo flash and styling and their product boxes are fantastic. These would make a great gift for any inked up lass or lad in your life

You can find out more right here on Electric Ink's website.

Items have been gifted to me, but all views are my own

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