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Friday, 22 December 2017

Another year is drawing to an end and another year full of ups and downs, various achievements and whatnot. It's kind of amazing to reflect back near the end of a year at what you did achieve and go through to fill you with hope and strength for the new year to come. Life is never easy and simple but hey, we made it. We survived another year and we all achieved something no matter how large or small

I am never one to really reflect on what I did achieve. I'm more of a pessimist and I tend to focus on the negatives that happened in a year. But no. This time I am going to write about the positives that did happen to me and I want you all to do the same

  • One of the negatives of 2017 was that early on in the year I was in a toxic relationship, but THINKING POSITIVE. I got out, realised my damn worth, and now have the most amazing man in my life who is my number one cheerleader. I was single for 6 months and those 6 months were fantastic as I really focused on my career and getting myself to where I wanted to be in life all by myself
  • I had a day job in early 2017. Yep. I worked 9-5 and did the photography on evenings and weekends. They made me redundant, but THINKING POSITIVE, look at me now. I am a full freelancing photographer as I had to take the plunge and everything has turned out great and I am living my best life truly with a lease of life to really smash 2018 and make it my year. And yanno, I am living my dream as I am officially a professional
  • I photographed HRH the Duchess of Cambridge and thus got credits in Vogue magazine and various other places. I don't think my career can top that right now
  • I went back to LFW where my career began in September and was backstage and shooting FROW for a designer
  • I became international and got flown to Croatia for 6 hours to do shoots around Croatia, and have since done shoots in New York City and have others booked for 2018
  • I travelled a lot this year and nearly achieved a 12 cities in 12 months kind of situation
  • I have neglected my blog this 2017. EEK I AM SORRY, but I have a new mindset to tackle it hard in 2018 and be consistent with content and to actually push myself to be in front of the camera more
  • I have had credits in various online magazines, and in print. Elle, Vogue, Look, Blogosphere. Quite a lot and it spurred me on to make a press page on my website
  • My work itself has been getting stronger and stronger. Even as a pro, you never stop learning. I pushed myself to work with flash and speedlights more and it has been doing wonders for me and my work. Mainly with Zoe
  • After a long struggle with cystic acne, 2017 was the year I finally had my GP pay attention and give me a referral to a dermatologist. Within that derm appointment I WAS TOLD I'D BE STARTING ROACCUTANE IN 2018. WOOHOO!
  • I started my hashtag #KayesPortraitTips. Check it out on insta and twitter if you haven't seen it!
  • People started asking me to be part of interview series on their own platforms and honestly, this is such an honour to me as I consider myself such a small time person haha. Davey Granger did one and so did Giorgia. Thank you both!
  • I was a judge for the 'Photography Star' award at the 30+ Awards
  • I was on a discussion panel with 3 other photographers about creating photographs at Blogosphere Magazines Christmas Festival

I am sure I have achieved so much more in 2017 but those are the key moments that really stand out to me right now and have helped to shape my year as well as shape what my 2018 could look like. I will be working even harder in 2018 to see what I can do to top this year for sure!

What are your 2017 achievements that you are happy with and proud of? They can be little or large
Images taken by Leigh


  1. I loved reading this. You totally kicked ass this year, and I know you'll smash 2018 too. You deserve everything and more! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and New Year xxx

  2. You deserve everything positive you've achieved! Such an inspiring and full on kick-ass kinda girl, well done Kaye. Don't down play the bloody hard work you've put in. Cheers to 2018, I'm excited to see what you can do in the next year ����
    Lorna,xo |

  3. Eeeeeeekkkkk what an amazing year it has been for you!!! 2018 is going to be incredible, I just know it!

    Big Live,


  4. Wow, looks like you've had an amazing year, well done! :-D And good luck with the roaccutane - I had it when I was younger and it worked well for me. Have a great new year.
    - Dani x


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