2018 goals and the future

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Kaye Ford

I am super late with this kind of post I know. Fashionably late one might argue to make it seem like I am not a complete rubbish person. A whole 9 days late is just ridiculous that it must be fashionable
The title makes it seem like something that should have been announced as soon as 2018 hit, but in reality we all kinda set ourselves goals daily and monthly so this is just a way for me to write mine down to try and make them actually happen! That way people read it too and if you want to help me, hooray I can achieve some of my goals

I have many different goals for 2018. Some in my professional life, some in my personal life. Some big, some small. But all are important and significant to me and if I achieve any one of them I'll do a little celebration regardless of whether it is a big goal or a small goal
So here we go, here is what I want to achieve in 2018 and within my future

  • I have many different shoot settings I want to achieve. A log cabin, an American desert, a supermarket/mini market, an unused petrol station, an American diner, an Underground station, an Underground train, basically I want to shoot amongst cacti and all kinds of Americana settings haha for real American road trip vibes. Basically, if someone sends me to America for a photo shoot I may die happy right after I have sent the photos back to the client
  • I want to grow my social media platforms to be bigger. More followers. I'd love 10k on Insta but that isn't going to happen, but 10k on Twitter may be slightly more achievable seeing as I am already at 3,500. Writing my numbers down here so I can compare on growth in a years time. Insta: 1,827. Twitter: 3,624
  • With this growing, I'd like to see my client list grow also. I essentially want a year where I don't have to worry about money and I can pay my bills comfortably without having freelancer stress. So far so good but some months will always be worse than others
  • I want to make #KayesPortraitTips into a blog series so I can go into them in much more depth for you all. This one should be easily ticked off but right now finding the time and motivation to write is hard
  • I want to go back to experimenting with photography through self portraits. I did this a lot at uni and I want to go back to doing it as I truly think that you never stop learning, no matter how good you are
  • I want to learn how to schedule myself some proper days off. When you freelance it is so easy to blur the lines and answer emails or enquiries that come in, but that means I am always in work mode and never properly relax or switch off. I want to give myself at least 1 disconnected day a week. 10 days in to January and I have achieved it thus far
  • This one is a big secret and I haven't really told anyone. But. I kinda wanna get engaged. I'm ready to settle down. I'm done with small time relationships. To be honest this goal doesn't have to happen this year, but I would like it within the next year or 2. I feel like my relationship is the one for life now and I'm totally ready to accept that ring. It's weird how you feel when you finally find someone who treats you right
  • I want to save as much money as I can
  • I also want to experience as much as I can. Say Yes to a lot more opportunities that come my way and kick any anxieties I have to the kerb
  • I want to travel more. Holiday and business wise. I only have 2 holidays booked so far for this year, 1 in the planning stage, and 1 international job booked. I want to expand this and expand my creativity as well as my memories
  • I want my Roaccutane course to go successfully and be able to document it all for you to help anyone else who suffers from cystic acne like I do. Basically, I hope I document it on this blog like I have said I will haha sometimes time gets away from me and next thing I know it'll be 3 months in to my course and a "first month update" seems so behind with the times by that point

What are your goals and hopes for 2018?!

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  1. Good luck with your goals lovely! I’m sure you’ll smash them xx


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