Monday, 5 February 2018

Meek Grande Black and Rose Gold
Tea time. No time. All the time in the world. Dinner time. Doughnut Time. There all kinds of different times when you think about it. Yet we all struggle with time. I am the worst when it comes to time, yet my time management is spot on

Essentially what I mean is I struggle to balance things. I am always early to things and I keep my diary on form so I am never, ever late (unless public transport or traffic has other ideas). But I struggle to keep that balance between work and life and often dedicate an insane amount of time to one and not the other
Meek Grande Black and Rose Gold
"Hey Kaye, wanna come to the pub?"
"Ah man I have no time!"

I keep myself too busy with work that I often dedicate no time to socialising or to life in general and this is a balance that needs to change. When freelancing and your own boss it often seems hard to dedicate time to doing things that aren't work related. You almost feel guilty for having fun and taking some time off, but then you feel guilty that you aren't taking time off and are neglecting your friends, but also your own mind and body. We need to rest and recharge in order to function properly. Especially when you are your own boss!

Yes any time spent off is time you aren't making money, but actually money isn't the be all and end all. Yes we need it to live and get by, but you also need rest and recharge time and also time to have some fun and let your hair down
Meek Grande Black and Rose Gold
By giving yourself time off to enjoy the smaller things in life it helps keep your mind keen, functioning, but also it makes you feel more wholesome as a person. You are friendlier, kinder, softer, more creative. Well, I am anyway. The amount of time I am dedicating solely to work at the moment is a little bit soul crushing and most definitely exhausting, but I always feel guilty when I am not doing actual work. This needs to change and only I can change that thought process. We all think that we need to look busy busy busy all the time but it is OK to pause time and just breathe. To have that bath, or read that book, and to let your clock just stop
Meek Grande Black and Rose Gold
You have all the time in the world to make money. But you don't necessarily have all that time with friends or family. Morbid I know, but people not only die suddenly, they can just decide to walk out of your life also and never walk back in. Relationships come to the end of their time. Do what you can to enjoy the time with that person whilst it lasts. Money will always come and go just like people, but the more people you spend your time with the more you grow as a person and change. Money and jobs can't do that as well

February is always a tough time for me because Valentines day is when I found out I would be losing my Nanny. February 15th is when I lost my Nanny, and a few years later on the same day is when I lost a good friend very suddenly. It is a month where I think back to the times spent with them and how good those times were and, especially with my Nanny, I wish I hadn't spent so much time on work and spent more of my free time with them
Meek Grande Black and Rose Gold
I now use February as a month to celebrate the people within my life. I go out of my way to make my loved ones feel special and to spend as much time with them as possible. I am still busy as hell with work, but I make sure to have phone calls and physical time and to switch off from working in the evenings. Little differences can make a huge change. And I go all out on Valentines day to distract my mind from darker times and to celebrate life instead. A lot of you think Valentines is commercialised and that you should appreciate your loved ones all the time. Yes, I agree. But for me, it becomes that one big celebration of life and loved ones because whilst I appreciate them all year round, it's nice to have one day where you REALLY spoil them and go all out. Who doesn't love to be spoilt after all?
Meek Grande Black and Rose Gold

Make it a vow to spend just a little bit more time with friends and loved ones, or to let yourself relax and recharge. Even just an extra couple of hours a week or something. That's nothing in the grand scheme of time within the week, but over time it becomes to be the best thing you can do for yourself. You can't work all the damn time after all

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So whilst you may not balance your work and social time, at least you can always BE on time

And yes, I did shoot these photos at the Grand Canyon for no real reason other than the Gram

Watch by Adexe has been gifted to me but all thoughts are my own

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