The Roaccutane Diaries: Month 1

Thursday, 29 March 2018

Roaccutane week 1I said that I would document my roaccutane journey ever since I got told I would be put on the drug and that I would call it the Roaccutane diaries and seeing as 1 month has now passed, (well actually 1 month and 1 week due to a fault the receptionist made booking my monthly derm appointment) here's my diary!

I haven't consistently taken photos. I don't wanna fill a post with too many photos and show you every single day. That would get boring. Just a weekly update will do and is the format I will be following. I'm also gonna talk about the highs and lows of the drug, what's been going on, and if anything has been working really well for me as your skin changes so dramatically. I have basically gone from oily to drier than the Sahara desert

Roaccutane week 2
I was prescribed to take 40mg of Roaccutane. So I was taking 2x 20mg tablets a day with or after food. You have to have it with or after food otherwise it isn't as effective and from this point on I am stone cold sober also
I didn't think I went through that stage of "mass break out" but judging by my week 1 photos to week 2, my skin did break out and get more whiteheads than maybe I normally would. These whiteheads turned into scabs almost and took forever to heal. I'm noticing my skin takes forever to heal now and even if I get a papercut it takes much longer to heal than it normally would, so scabs that would dry up and flake off were not ideal!
Even as quickly as week 2 I noticed my skin and body being itchy which is probably a sign of it getting dry, my lips are already dry but the weather and the Beast from the East we have been having also could be why
roaccutane week 3
It is round about this point, week 3, I have started to really struggle. I have cried a few days simply because my makeup doesn't sit right, my lips are dry and painful and I'm starting to notice my skin taking longer to heal and I just felt a bit low about it all in general. I know I shouldn't be upset about makeup not looking right, but I didn't think my skin was that dry until I put makeup on and it CLINGED EVERYWHERE. So I then had to start researching new makeup and completely revamp my makeup bag basically and spend a lot of money. Normally I go makeup free most days but I was due to be working a 4 day event in front of thousands of people so I wanted something to cover, I was not feeling brave about having my bare face on show there.

I also added to my skincare regime so spent a fair bit of money on new products. I basically exfoliate gently with a Konjac sponge, follow it with Mario Badescu's rosehip oil, Clinique Moisture Surge intense moisturiser, and I top it up throughout the day with Mario Badescu's facial spray if I need extra hydration. The Clinique moisture surge intense tends to keep me well hydrated though throughout the day
finding makeup for roaccutane
I had a list longer than my arm of various makeup to go and try at counters and get colour matched for etc. I went to the TooFaced shop in Carnaby and fell in love with the results instantly and was SO happy to find something that doesn't cling to dry patches that I chucked my list away and bought their Born This Way foundation, concealer, and their Hangover primer. These images show the coverage of just the foundation alone with no primer and no concealer on. I WAS SHOOK. It only clinged to one small dry patch I have but it wasn't as noticeable as the other foundations I was currently using. I honestly nearly cried in the girls arms who was putting it all on me as I was so happy to find an answer so quickly and easily and just gave her my money and cried all the way home. And yes, the makeup did last me until I got home 3 hours later so I knew it had staying power straight away. Honestly recommend this for Roaccutane skin, or dry skin in general. It features coconut oil and hyaluronic acid so the hydrating properties are legit and it is so cooling when I put it onto my skin and so smooth
Toofaced Born This Way
As of week 4 I then had to half my dosage due to the receptionist being a prat and booking my next appointment for 37 days rather than 30 days away. I was told I am allowed to half my dosage and I would rather have 2 weeks of 20mg than 1 week of nothing at all! So my month 1 update actually features an extra week. Week 5. Because of this stupid mistake that nobody would help me with. So obviously day 30 would be when I am meant to have my Derm appointment, but no, I have to have it on day 37. And of course I cried about this on the phone to the various people. And I'm starting to wonder if this drug is making my mood lower than it normally is (which is a side effect of the drug)

So any updates from this point on are on 20mg of roaccutane rather than the 40mg I was prescribed
Roaccutane week 4
My arms feel super itchy this week and then I looked down at them and I HAVE TURNED INTO A SNAKE?! I have scaley patches on my right arm. I use a body butter but they still feel like I need to take sand paper to my arms to get rid of this and exfoliate them. I already exfoliate my body but it doesn't seem to be working and I don't wanna keep on scrubbing and scrubbing at my body and causing irritation or damage
Thanks to a care package from Laura Louise (SERIOUSLY GAL THS IS LIFE SAVING THIS PACKAGE AND THANK YOU SO MUCH) I now use Cetaphil's moisturising body mousse when my body feels itchy and it seems to have kinda cleared up the scaley patches, apart from a few stubborn patches around my wrist. It is so cooling on my skin also and is so easily spreadable and sinks in to the skin nicely so is my new fave body moisturiser

Week 4 has also been tough mentally so I am really starting to think the drug is affecting my mood. I have been wondering if it is even worth it and whether to come off of it. But I have also been super busy, super drained and run down and stressed so I never know whether that is affecting me or whether it is the drug
Dry Lips
Day 33
Just when I think scaley arms is the worst it can get, THIS HAPPENS. My lips are SO dry that they are now scabby and proper cracked in a corner. I can't open my mouth past a certain point and eating is so difficult. As soon as I eat my lips tingle and get super dry and the scabs get irritated
I thought I was keeping my lips well moisturised using Blistex Intensive Moisturiser every time they felt dry but maybe they have been drier than I think
Mouth sores
Day 35
I have been crying a lot again in Days 35 through to 37. Nobody should ever have to wonder if they should eat or not. I will never take eating for granted again as it is causing me so much discomfort right now. I have been out and bought so many new lips balms to try to see if they help but a lot of them are now making my lips feel sticky and grimy. Palmers cocoa butter lip balm started to make my lips feel good, but I think the Blistex medicated Relief Cream is the one really helping with the sores on my lips right now. I can't wait until I feel better enough to eat properly, but also better in myself as I'm already fed up with this drug and don't know how much longer I can take. It is a lot harder than people let on. I spent £11 on a fucking lip balm for goodness sake so that is how desperate I am. it's the Aesop one FYI and I do like it but yeah it makes my lips feel sticky and waxy and like I need to give them a good scrub....
I carry 6 lip balms in my jacket pocket. I wish I was joking. 6 different lip balms in 1 jacket pocket

Today is Day 37 and it's dermatologist appointment day. I am seriously hoping they can fix the scabbing and sores on my mouth/lips and give me an answer as to what it is. I thought it was cold sores but as I have never had them before I doubt it. Somebody said it could be angular cheilitis. The derm should know and be able to tell me for definite and hopefully give me advice on how to fix it as I get the impression it will be common throughout this treatment

The one good thing about this month? I used to have to wash my hair every day. Now I can go daaaaays without washing it. The most I have done is 4 days as I feel weird not washing it every day, but I may attempt to go a week without washing my hair

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