The Roaccutane Diaries: Month 2

Friday, 20 April 2018

Month 1 is over and now into Month 2! I am back on 40mg after having to half my dosage after a receptionist cock up
I no longer know how many weeks I have been on this drug so I'm just gonna list it as to what day it is I think and this month starts with day 38 (as day 37 was when I had my derm appointment and signified the end of my first month)

Day 37 with the derm though was a nightmare. My appointment was at 1.30pm but I got seen at 2pm. Someone whose appointment time was after me got seen before me by the same Dr so I have no idea how that even happened or why. Thankfully she prescribed me some steroids for the cracking and sores in the corners of my mouth but it was very much a rush in and rush out job which I thought was appalling. I have to have a blood test before my next appointment which is panicking me all over again. I hate blood tests and freak out. I did it once before, I'm sure I can do it again. I then tried to make my April appointment and the receptionist said she couldn't see that far ahead... bitch please you managed just fine when you fucked up and booked me in for 37 days later rather than 30. So now I am completely panicking that an appointment won't get booked! and I go to America round about the time that my next appointment should be so that has worried me even more so. I told them what dates I am away and I just gotta have faith in them and their system! And then I waited an hour in the pharmacy... so yeah that was a great 2.5 hour experience in the hospital
Roaccutane Diaries

Day 38, and I have been back on 40mg for 2 days now and on day 38 I woke up with severely cracked and dry lips to the point dried blood was on and around my teeth. My inner nose had dried blood so I have started vaselining inside of my nose now too. And yep, I spent another £16 on new lip balms to try and aid my lips as nothing seems to really be helping. The derm prescribed me Fucidin H for my lips but failed to tell me how I actually use it and what parts I can use it on... but Google tells me I can use it sparingly on the cracks in my lips as well as the corners of my mouth so as of Day 39 I think I'll give that a go AM and PM!

Roaccutane Diaries

Day 40. I have woken up with a hugely red face. It's very flushed and I have been assured this is common and is known as the 'roaccutane glow'. Hardly a glow when I'm redder than a tomato...
I started the Fucidin H the PM of day 38 and then the AM and PM of day 39 and already there is a HUGE improvement. I can actually eat and drink properly again. I apply VERY VERY thin layers over any cracks and sores I have. Basically I was very sparingly using it like a lip balm as I had cracks and sores all over my lips and mouth
Roaccutane Diaries
A side effect I have been really struggling this month is an achy body. It genuinely feels like I have chronic pain. Everything does and can hurt. It's worst when I just wake up and in the evenings. The tailbone injury I sustained 1.5 years ago playing roller derby (or whenever it was, it was definitely a long time though) has come back and if I sit certain ways I get pain shivers up and down my lower spine. My whole body is stiff and I genuinely walk hunched to my bathroom and I end up waddling as my legs are so stiff. This isn't me so I can only put it down to the roaccutane. I think because of all this pain though that people can't see I am a lot snappier and irritable with some people and again, this isn't me also so I can only put it down to the drug but also all the different side effects I am trying to deal with
Roaccutane Diaries
I have had a complete nightmare with my dermatologist. My last appointment was the 29th March, it took until the 11th April to get an appointment booked before I went to America. Day 50. It took 13 days and 6 days of me phoning all kinds of numbers to get an appointment locked in. If I had left it who knows what would have happened to my treatment! I urgently needed to know an appointment date as 1) I go away to America so needed one before I go and 2) I had to have a blood test a week before my next appointment. I can't have a blood test if I don't know when my appointment is
Roaccutane Diaries
Roaccutane Diaries

My next appointment with the Derm is the 20th April. A bit sooner than the 4 weeks but due to me going Stateside I needed one earlier. The 20th April marks 59 days on roaccutane
Roaccutane Diaries
And in those 59 days look at where I am now! My skin has come a long way in those 59 days and it's almost 'normal'. I haven't had much to report on this month apart from the constant body pain I have been in and obviously the constant dry lips but again, nothing seems to help that. Everything else like dry skin and body is slightly more manageable! Redness has also been more prominent this month but any redness on my face comes and goes. It's almost like a hot flush without the hot feeling. I did have one day where my face did swell and was super hot to the touch, but after some sleep I was back to normal again

I still don't know how much longer I will be on this drug but let's hope it actually isn't much longer and that month 3 removes every trace of acne from my face!

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  1. Your skin is looking great! I've been getting the redness in my face too - especially in the evening, hopefully it's something that passes :)


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