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Friday, 11 May 2018

I had never heard of THERAPI before. Yeah I have heard of therapy, but that doesn't really have anything to do with haircare.

Just a note, I like to think I am funny. Not sure if that comes across though...

THERAPI are a haircare brand that want to offer luxury and a professional haircare range at an affordable price point. Sounds like me, I want all of the high end stuff for my budget lifestyle! They include a defining ingredient in every single one of their products which is Baobab oil. I love a good oil for my hair so my interest was piqued within THERAPI and what they offer.
FYI, no more than £9.99 really which is decent value so let's begin looking at what I got
The THERAPI team spoke with me (yes these products are gifted) and we worked out a 3 step regime for me and my hair. Basically my hair is very thin and fine, falling out because of the roaccutane, damaged from bleach, and I need sun and heat protection due to the roaccutane also. So yanno, I don't ask for much in my haircare really haha!
My current regime is just a silver shampoo and then a hair oil when my hair is towel dried. Minimal but it works for me

We worked out what would be good for me is their Signature Cleanser, Strengthening Conditioner, and Smoothing Cream.

Every product is paraben and sulphate free which is a major plus as I have eczema on my scalp and the roaccutane isn't helping it. Chemicals onto my scalp would not help either. I need things as natural as possible! and every product features Baobab oil which is a multi-benefit product that has moisturising, strengthening, repairing and conditioning properties. Sounds like everything I need
3 step haircare
So like I mentioned, this is a 3 step regime and that means you can get 3 steps for just under £30 as each product is no more than £9.99

The Signature cleanser is for any hair type and has hair strengthening and moisturising properties to it. The strengthening conditioner I was given is slightly different as it is a leave in conditioner. I spray it onto my towel dried hair from root to tip and it is meant to strengthen my hair as well as offer extreme heat protection up to 250 degrees and UV protection which again I need due to the roaccutane. No need for extra heat spray when using this, and it has the benefits of strengthening and conditioning also so it is a no brainer to chuck your conditioner and your heat spray for this one product. Then I chose the Smoothing cream as I was off to the US soon and places like LA and Vegas and in heat my hair gets crazy frizzy. I am not sure if you are meant to apply to damp or dry hair but I would apply this when damp after the conditioner had settled for a couple of minutes
THERAPI leave in conditioner
My favourite was definitely the smoothing cream! I had no frizz even when in Vegas and my hair felt more smooth and manageable. Basically I had great hair days when in the US every time I used this as the last step. Like I said I have been using this in my damp hair but I reckon you can use it in dry hair too, just sparingly. For my hair type it is recommended I use 1-2 pumps and that is enough product as the pump dispenses quite small. Longer and thicker hair would need more product but there is plenty of it to last a while

The strengthening conditioner definitely helped against heat and the sunshine/UV, but it didn't help the fact my hair gets knotty so easily so I still had to use a regular conditioner when showering so that my hair wasn't a knotty mess when I got out of the shower. So I have kinda made this a 4 step regime for myself but I still use this strengthening conditioner for the strengthening, heat and UV protection properties it offer.

They offer so many other products that I'm now thinking a different conditioner would have been better for me in terms of detangling, but I need that UV protection so it was a good choice for me and my scalp and my hair
3 step haircare
If you are intrigued by THERAP I have a special promo for you guys also! To receive a free Therapi candle with any purchase of 2 items or more on their site please use the code below and enter it into the order comments field during checkout. Please don't enter it into the promo code section. The THERAPI team will then package your free candle with the products you have ordered!

The packaging and the branding definitely makes me feel like it is salon luxury, and for £9.99 a product it certainly beats salon brands on price point. I still don't think I'll replace my hair oil as a step in my regime, but at least I have food for thought on what to include in my regular regime now!

Items were selected specially for me and gifted, but all opinions and views are my own

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