My Chocolate Transformation

Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Muse of London is a salon based on Mortimer St in Fitzrovia, London. Known for its excellent work at colouring hair and recently it celebrated its 5th birthday! I went along to the party and had an ace time and at the same time as celebrating their birthday, they also announced a new #ChocolateCrusade campaign in association with Tigi Copyright Colours.
Due to this the party was filled with chocolate martinis which were strong but also so chocolatey and a delectable chocolate fountain, one of my fave things ever. You can be sure I dipped all the chocolate mini doughnuts into loads more chocolate.
I then had the chance to experience some of the new campaign also! I got invited for an appointment at Muse so yes, this appointment is gifted in exchange for my review.

My hair to start with was a mix of virgin hair, and bleached blonde hair. It is slightly damaged from the bleach but also the roaccutane I was on caused mass thinning and hair loss so I want to get it back to a healthy state after bleach for a year!
I decided to go for the Dark Chocolate within the campaign as that was closest to my natural hair and shouldn't need as much maintenance or topping up to allow my hair to get back to a healthy state after a pretty brutal drug. I love the look of the Strawberry Ganache bleach and tone though so kinda wish I had opted for that now too
This campaign is perfect for AW and is all about perfect chocolatey colours. You have names such as White Chocolate Praline, Melted Chocolate Mousse, Champagne Truffle, Strawberry
Ganache, Cinnamon Salted Caramel and Dark Chocolate. Each one sounds tasssstttyy imo. Each colour option uses a different method also to achieve the end result so it isn't a case of a simply dye job.
The owner Mark explained at the event what goes into just 2 of the colours:
“This new colour campaign is to give clients the perfect Autumn/Winter hair colour, for the colder months complimenting their skin tone. Whether the client opts for the Cinnamon Salted Caramel shade to create a perfect balance of cocoa and cream, working in subtle hints of red to emphasise the hair or the Champagne Truffle shade where a Chocolate Ganache base is infused with glimmers of caramel baby lights for the ultimate dreamy, expensive looking hair colour.”

I get to Muse and was greeted very warmly by their friendly staff and then I had a sit down and a chat with my hair stylist for the appointment. We had a chat about what I wanted done, best colours to go for and what needed to be done to achieve it. Due to the blonde we needed to do it in 2 stages basically to try and get an even colour and we went for a dark brown with a reddy undertone seeing as dark chocolate itself is all about warmth. The reddy undertone will give that warmth. Already I was impressed with how knowledgeable he was with colour and the stages we were going through to do this. I have been to so many salons before who just dump one colour on and let it do its thing.
Stage 1 left me browner than we imagined which we had a giggle at. He was expecting me to go orange as it was a quick 15 minute tone to remove the blonde but it went browner than he expected which shows my hair just drinks up colour!
After stage 1 he then did the main colour all over, but this was slightly different as he actually used 2 different shades of brown to try and make it look multi tonal rather than a big block colour. Again, never seen anyone do that and I felt in such safe hands. And I can also see why Muse are known for their colouring! I have never been with a stylist who knew colour so well and took his time about it.
I had minimal done to the cut. Mainly just a little trim as well as a fringe trim as I want to be able to grow my hair again back to how it used to be before roaccutane.
Et voila! This is the end result. I am so happy and impressed and I already LOVE being back to a dark brown. I love playing around with colour but sometimes it is nice to just go back to something darker. Especially for AW. It also makes my blue eyes pop which is what the stylist said would happen and he was right. When he comments on how it will compliment your eyes you KNOW he is a good colourist. I am so damn impressed and I thoroughly recommend Muse to anyone who wants any kind of colour change! You'll achieve perfect results I'm sure. They also do waxing and nails so they aren't just a hair salon and they are just round the corner from Oxford St station or Goodge St station. I'm sure I will head back when I get bored of brown and want to undergo a crazy transformation again.
Thank you for the chocolate transformation Muse!

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